Electrical Service Upgrades – Increase Amperage

A functioning and updated electrical service is the foundation of your home or business. It’s essential that your electrical system is well maintained and energy efficient. An outdated system can fall into disrepair and lead to a power outage or unsafe conditions. Contact R & R and Sons for an electrical service upgrade if you are seeing any of the following electrical issues at your residential, industrial or commercial property:

*Your business is planning an expansion but a new electrical panel will be needed to safely accommodate the power draw.
*Your electrical system is connected to an aging and outdated fuse box.
*Your facility does not have sufficient room to add new electrical circuits.
*A major piece of machinery or appliance was recently installed at your facility.
*The electrical panel at your facility or residence is no longer manufactured or has been subject to a recall.
*Lights dim or go out completely at your building if large appliances or machinery is switched on.

It’s also vital that you have a correctly bonded and grounded system for your electrical service, which ensures a safe route for the current in the event of an electrical fault. R & R and Sons is the contractor to call for this important electrical issue. With inspections and maintenance from our experienced staff, your property will meet safety standards with work performed under all necessary permits; R & R and Sons is a licensed and insured company with a long history of providing electrical service upgrades to our residential, commercial and industrial customers in Batavia, the Tri Cities and throughout northern Illinois. Call us at 630-406-1527 for an expert upgrade that will lead to energy savings and improved safety! Our experienced, certified electricians will perform a detailed evaluation of your system and recommend the best solutions for your property.

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We are fully insured in case of an emergency.

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Electrical Wiring

Selecting the correct wiring is a critical step for any electrical project. Faulty wiring can cause malfunctions and even an overall system failure. With current technologies, incorrect wiring can result in voltage fluctuations or distortions that impair how a device performs.

Whatever the cause, R & R AND SONS ELECTRICAL will resolve the faulty connections and restore a safe and stable electrical system for you.




Whether your home or business needs emergency or non-emergency electrical services, our staff is ready 24 hours per day and every day of the week. As is the case with all services offered at R & R AND SONS, our work and products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

  • Field Engineering
  • Site Surveys & System Safety Audits
  • Start Up Services & Acceptance Testing
  • Transformer Testing
  • Switchgear Testing
  • Predictive Testing & Maintenance
  • Power System Analysis

What Client’s Say

We couldn’t have asked for anything better than the service we received. From the initial contact, to the follow-up phone call, to the services rendered this was a fantastic example of how to get things done.
Lucas M.
R & R serviced my apartment on Friday. He was on time, explained everything (and showed me) and fixed it all. He was a nice guy! Also gave me many recommends.
Sue D.
I agree completely with the last two reviews. I have nothing but good things to say about R & R Electricians and specifically about Ron. He was friendly, efficient, and professional. I have used them three times in two months and will continue to do so from here on.
John F.

Are You Ready To Upgrade?

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If you prefer that one of our electricians reach out to you via email, please click the button below with any questions, comments or concerns and we’ll respond as quick as we can. It’s our pleasure to keep our clients and potential customers happy and well informed.