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Most every home or business owner in Illinois has experienced the inconvenience of a sudden power outage. Whether the cause is a lightning strike from a Midwestern storm, the power crash of a substation, or the accidental cutting of a power line by a construction crew, loss of electricity can be a major disruption. But fortunately the installation of a generator can safeguard your property against this unwanted but sometimes unavoidable occurrence. A generator will ensure that heat, air conditioning, lights, refrigeration, security, access control and entertainment systems continue to function when your day-to-day power is down. Our certified electricians are ready to recommend and install the best generator for your home or business.

Generators are available in a number of sizes and power capacities. They can be wired to support only the basic essentials in the event of a power loss – like your refrigerator, freezer, furnace and computer systems. Other types of generators can provide even more support.
They typically function on natural gas or propane and switch on immediately when power goes out unexpectedly. Generators can be installed outdoor in an inconspicuous spot – similar to a standard home air conditioning unit.

While electrical power outages that last for several days are relatively rare in Illinois, it sometimes doesn’t take long to cause problems for your residence or business. Even a short term outage can lead to major inconveniences in your lifestyle or result in food spoilage. When you select R & R and Sons to install a generator, it brings you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected against unexpected power loss.

Call us at 630-406-1527 and learn more about which generator would be right for your property in Batavia, the Tri Cities or northern Illinois. We’ll recommend what’s best for your needs and your budget!

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I agree completely with the last two reviews. I have nothing but good things to say about R & R Electricians and specifically about Ron. He was friendly, efficient, and professional. I have used them three times in two months and will continue to do so from here on.
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